Gardening Tips & Tricks

Top 5 Office Plants

Houseplants in an office not only look great but can positively affect mood and performance.  According to research compiled by the University […]

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paperwhites and poinsettias

Forcing Bulbs Indoor

Forcing bulbs in water is the perfect way to bring spring color into your winter home. Forcing is defined as coaxing bulbs […]

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The Gathered Garden

Gardens for Gathering Many trees and shrubs carry such unique qualities and beauty that they can effortlessly be cut and arranged to […]

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Mums and Mum Care

Available in a huge variety of colors and varieties, the Garden Chrysanthemum is definitely a must have for all fall gardens. It […]

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How to Dry Herbs

Growing your own herbs is a satisfying and rewarding process. The plants are attractive in your garden, useful in your home and […]

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All About Camellias

Camellias are popular shrubs that have been adored in southern gardens for decades.  It is hard to exclude a plant from the […]

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