A southern mainstay, Azaleas are a classic flower seen in gardens all over North and South Carolina, Georgia and more. They’re a popular choice because of their incredible floral show in the spring combined with their small, evergreen stature. These flowers do not tolerate heavy, poorly drained soils. Planting is recommended in holes three times the width of the root ball with the root ball situated above grade, or sit an inch or two above the soil level. Remember, many of the traditional azaleas prefer shady areas!

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Azaleas are beautiful full-blooming plants but they can be slightly more difficult to care for than similar shrubs.

To maintain the beautiful blooms and full health of your azalea plant alone or in a group of azaleas.

Plant new azaleas in the spring in a cool, slightly shaded spot.  Full sun exposure can burn the azalea leaves but full shade will weaken the plant.

Azaleas require well-drained, acidic soil.  If soil conditions are not ideal in your location you can raise azaleas in a bed or container.

Feel free to prune your azalea after their full blooming period. A healthy pruning can encourage a heavier bloom next season.