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Few plants bring up gardening memories quite like Daylilies. These easy to grow perennial plants are a simple addition to any garden. Simply place them in a sunny spot, nestled in some decent soil and they're good to go. These trumpet-like flowers grow in a wide range of colors like orange, purple, yellow and more. Each bloom lasts for only one day, but the profusion of buds assures near constant flowering throughout the season. Each daylily variety gets bigger and more colorful as they mature. At Fairview Garden Center, we're proud to offer a vast collection of colorful flowers and dazzling varieties.

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Daylilies are very adaptable, low maintenance plants with attractive strap-like foliage.  They do not require much care, with proper placement and a little care Daylilies will bloom readily for years.

Daylilies prefer about six hours of morning sunlight. The harsh afternoon sun can scorch their leaves. Soil should be moist but well-drained.

Cut back after blooming to within 3” from the ground for fresh foliage and to encourage reblooming.

Daylilies grow vigorously, so you can divide blooms every 3 or 4 years.

Common Daylily – The bright orange common daylily is a favorite of gardens across the state. Hardy and colorful the common daylily adds color and texture with very little need for extensive care.

Moonlight Masquerade – One of the most dramatic daylily varieties the moonlight masquerade is known for its dark purple eye, surrounded by fluttering white petals. Beautiful in a bed or container garden or as showy ground cover.

Joan Senior – Joan Senior is one of the most popular daylily varieties. Known for it’s creamy white, gently ruffled petals, Joan Senior creates a light and elegant aesthetic for any garden.