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Mar 30

Blooms on Bark:  Flowering Trees

10 am – Saturday, March 30

As vibrant pink blooms emerge on defoliated branches, flowering trees often bring the first signs that Spring is near.  But, what are these magnificent pink bloomers?  There are a wide variety of spring blooming trees to choose from.  We’ll help you narrow down the choices.


Apr 6

Cousins Maine Lobster

11:30 am – 2:30 pm
Saturday, April 6

Enjoy gourmet, local food while surrounded by beautiful blooms.  The 7th annual Fairview Garden Center Flora and Food Trucks series will feature some of the most popular and delicious food trucks in the Triangle.  These events will take place on spring Saturdays, April 6 through May 25, 11:30 AM until 2:30 PM at 8224 Holly Springs Rd. in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Apr 6

Make My Mailbox:  Vines & Flowers for Seasonal Color

10 am – Saturday, April 6

Our favorite vines, perennials and annual flowers to add big impact to a small space (like that area around your mailbox).  We’ll give you our tips and tricks for plants that’ll know the socks off the mailman.

Past Events

Mar 23

Know, Grow & Sow

10 am – Saturday, March 23

Tips and tricks for planning and planting a vegetable garden.  From site selection to seed and plant choices, learn how to get started and glean a few tips from our experiences.


Mar 22

Table Top Dish Garden:  Wine & Design

6:30 pm – Friday, March 22

Create a unique, tabletop dish garden for your home or office using lush houseplants and/or succulents.  Sip and mingle while playing in the dirt.  We’ll provide the container, soil, a few plants and natural elements.  Cost is $40.  Pay at time of class.


Mar 16

Fun Foundation Plants

10 am – Saturday, March 16

Perfectly sheared cubes and spheres have their place in the garden or in certain landscape situations, but in front of our homes they look “old school” and boring. It is past time to shake up our foundation plantings.  To accomplish this, we need to use different plants, shapes, colors, and more curves!  Let’s talk plants for a solid foundation.


Mar 9

Propagation Workshop

2 pm – Saturday, March 9

A behind the scenes tour and hands on workshop. Join us in the warm greenhouses for a peak into where the magic happens for Spring! We’ll show you our planting and propagation methods and then provide you will pots, soil, cutting and seeds to propagate your own plants at home! Class fee is $25 and includes all materials and instructions. Pay at time of class.


Mar 9

Dig In: Clay Soils

10 am – Saturday, March 9

Can you dig it?  Let’s get down and dirty.  We’ll show you the proper way to plant in the predominately clay or combination soils found in our area.  We’ll give you our tips, tricks and proper amendments to ensure the healthy growth of your trees and shrubs.


Mar 2

Pruning Workshop

10 am – Saturday, March 2

Pruning is both parts science and art. Join us for a walk through our nursery and display garden. We’ll what to prune, when to prune it and how to prune it. We’ll discuss different pruning methods and techniques to ensure you make the right cut in your landscape.


Feb 23

How NOT to Kill a Houseplant

10 am – Saturday, February 23

Did you know?: The number one leading cause of houseplant failure is improper lighting conditions. The second leading cause is improper watering. Just like all of us, plants can be picky and they want the best living conditions possible. The important thing to remember is that there is a perfect houseplant for every situation….even for people with black thumbs!  Let us help.


Feb 16

Succulent & Terrarium Tips

10 am – Saturday, February 16

The succulent & terrarium craze is popular for a reason.  There is a diverse range of plant species available that offer high design and low upkeep.  Succulents and miniature terrarium plants make a great DIY project no matter what your skill level.  We’ll give you the tips, tricks and design suggestions needed to get your green thumb growing!