Locally Grown Plants - Born and Raised in Raleigh!

At Fairview Garden Center, our locally-grown plants are our pride and joy. We offer the best in:

  • Annuals

    Plants with a lifecycle that only lasts one year. They grow quickly, bloom, produce seed and then die within the same year. Most annuals bloom profusely and provide vibrant color from spring through fall but need to be replanted each season.

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  • Perennials

    Refer to predominately herbaceous plants that live for more than two years. Perennials return year after year and continue to grow until they reach their mature height, which varies from plant to plant. Unlike annuals, most perennials have a short bloom time, around two to three weeks during the growing season. Perennials do not generally have to be replanted each year.

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  • Trees & Shrubs

    The Nursery department is where you will find a wide variety of trees and shrubs; From small specimens to larger varieties for shade and screening. Most trees and shrubs are either considered evergreen or deciduous. An evergreen keeps its leaves or needles year round while a deciduous tree or shrub will lose its leaves in the fall.

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  • Houseplants

    Houseplants are usually tropical or dessert plants that can be grown indoors year round. Houseplants are categorized based on the amount of light exposure they require from high light, medium light or low light. Many houseplants act as a natural means of air purification indoors.

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