Gardening Tips & Tricks

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A Guide to Common Herbs

15 Most Popular Herbs A Guide to Common Herbs (.pdf) Who doesn’t love the aroma of fresh herbs, whether it be for culinary […]

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Container Garden Trends

Creating a container garden is a great way to get your creative juices flowing in the garden.  Think of adding a uniquely […]

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Clamoring for Clematis

A Perennial Flowering Vine Want a beautiful, flowering vine for a sunny spot in your yard or garden? Want it to return […]

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Favorite Foundation Plants

Every great-looking yard starts with a solid foundation of quality trees and shrubs.  Foundation plants (planted around the front of your home) […]

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Blooms on Bark

Our Favorite Redbuds Who doesn’t love to see the first signs of spring?   Beautiful, showy early blooms of daffodils, tulips, bridal […]

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Pruning Basics

When I am talking to customers about plants or gardening and the word “pruning” comes up, I generally get one of two […]

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