Calling All Gardeners: Gardening Tools & Supplies in Raleigh, NC

Whether you’re on the hunt for the most effective weed control or in desperate need of a new pair of gardening gloves, Fairview Garden Center has you covered. We provide an extensive collection of gardening tools and supplies in Raleigh, NC at our garden center. Our greenhouse, plant nursery and more provides you with all the annuals, perennials, houseplants, trees and shrubs you could ever need — many are locally grown!

refresh essentialsWith brand names such as Corona®, Espoma®, Bonide® and Treegators®, our gardening tools and supplies in Raleigh are some of the most easy-to-use and effective products available. We also offer eco-friendly and certified organic gardening products, as well as insect repellent, soil and mulch made in North Carolina.

Not sure about what products are best for your yard? Ask Grandma Jo Ann or a member of her helpful staff. If you would like to inquire about a certain Raleigh gardening tool or product, feel free to contact Fairview Garden Center. We would be happy to answer your questions!

Gardening Tools

  • Corona® Hand Tools trowel
  • Weeder
  • Hoe/cultivator
  • Pruners
  • Leaf rakes
  • Digging fork
  • Digging spade
  • Bulb planters – long and short handles

Gardening Supplies

  • Treegators® – 15 and 20 gallon capacity
  • Tree staking kits
  • Bird netting
  • Asst. watering cans
  • Sprayers – 1 and 2 gallon pump sprayers
  • Hand sprayers
  • Soil test kits
  • Gloves
  • Rain gauges
  • Outdoor thermometers


  • Espoma
  • Osmocote
  • Dynamite Organic
  • Miracle Gro
  • Fish Emulsion
  • Various granular lawn fertilizers
  • Ferti Lome®
  • Hi-Yield®
  • Jack’s Bloom Booster

Repellentsrabbit repellent

  • I Must Garden (local company in Chapel Hill, NC)
  • Liquid Fence® – deer and rabbit
  • Dog and cat
  • Snake
  • Mole and vole
  • Deer
  • Rabbit
  • Squirrel
  • Mosquito and tick
  • Bonide® MoleMax

Insect, Disease & Mite Control

  • Bonide Control Products
  • Rose and flower disease controls
  • Azalea, Rhododendron and Camellia disease controls
  • Fire ant killer

Weed Control

  • Bonide® – Various liquid weed killers such as Bermuda Grass killer, Crabgrass killer, Moss Max, Clover and Chickweed killer, Broadleaf killer and more that control more than 200 weeds
  • Ferti Lome® and Hi Yield® – Various granular pre-emergent and post emergent

Soil & Mulches

  • Daddy Pete’s – Family owned and operated since 1907 in Stony Point, NC
  • Pete’s Planting Mix – Fairview’s pick for soil conditioner. Blend of aged pine bark fines and composted cow manure
  • Daddy Pete’s hardwood shredded mulch
  • Pine bark mulch
  • Pine mini nuggets
  • Fafard potting mixes – professional mix
  • Complete container mix
  • Specialty mixes for African Violets and Cactus
  • Succulents, Orchid Bark and Seed Starter mix
  • Mushroom compost
  • Cow manure
  • Fafard Organic Compost
  • Vermiculite
  • Peat moss

Eco-Friendly Products

  • Diatomaceous Earth insect killer
  • Beneficial Insects – Ladybugs and Praying Mantis eggs are available from mid-April through the end of May
  • Bonide® All Seasons Horticultural Oil
  • Bonide® Garden Natural Productions
  • Thuricide (BT)
  • Hot Pepper Wax
  • Bon-Neem Insecticidal Soap
  • Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew
  • Copper fungicide
  • Houseplant systemic
  • Fung-onil

Fairview Garden Center offers an extensive collection of garden tools and supplies in Raleigh, NC. We proudly serve Raleigh, Cary and the surrounding Triangle area.