Raleigh, NC Flower Pot Designs & Custom Containers by Expert Gardeners

Decorate your indoor and outdoor space with flower pots designed by the gardeners at Fairview Garden Center.  Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is skilled in the art of container garden design and we are happy to create a custom container garden for you, whatever your space may be.

container-croton-closeTo determine what plants are best suited for a sunny spot on your deck or shady area on your porch, rely on help from our seasoned gardeners who are familiar with what plants work best in our climate. At Fairview Garden Center, we are committed to assisting you select plants and flowers that match your style and taste. In addition, if you would rather arrange your own flower pot, then feel free to choose from our extensive selection of Raleigh annuals, perennials, houseplants, tree and shrubs.

Custom container fees may include:

  • Cost of container if purchased in store
  • Cost of plants used
  • Cost of soil, fertilizer and labor

In-Store Personal Assistance for Raleigh Container Design & More

In addition to designing custom containers, we offer personal assistance when you visit our Raleigh garden center. Just ask a member of our staff about the following services we offer:

  • Choosing and designing flowers for beds and containers
  • Choosing the perfect houseplant for your home or office
  • Planning and preparing flowers for a wedding or other special occasion
  • Choosing a funeral or memorial plant
  • Selecting plants for your landscape based on picture and sun requirements
  • Identifying plant problems and providing horticulturally sound solutions
  • Creating centerpieces for your business, home or event
  • Accommodating special requests to the best of our abilities

container magnolia  chocolate cotton fall container 1

On-Site Container Design & Installation

Benefits of this service include:

  • Custom containers planted on-site or planted at the store and delivered to you
  • Customized designs to match your style and budget
  • Designs for both indoor and outdoor containers
  • Great idea for seasonal changes and special occasions
  • Designed with consideration of the environment in which they will be placed
  • Container design services are available for both homeowners and businesses

What is the cost of on-site custom container gardens?

  • Custom containers planted on-site or planted at the store and delivered to you
  • $95.00 per hour for container design and installation with 1 consultant
    • $120 per hour for large jobs requiring 2 consultants
  • Cost includes
    • Travel time to and from the site
    • Design, consultation & installation time
    • Soil & fertilizer
  • Payment is due at the end of the visit
  • Cost does not include the cost of containers and plants

    container combo shade close

    Visit Fairview Garden Center for Your Next Custom Container

    Creating a custom flower pot design or hanging basket in Raleigh can be a fun and relaxing experience when you work with the professional gardeners at Fairview Garden Center. If you’re looking to add plants and flowers to your home, visit our Raleigh, NC nursery and greenhouse today!

    Serving the Triangle area, the gardeners at Fairview Garden Center gladly provide our customers with custom containers including flower pot designs, clay pots and hanging flower baskets in Raleigh, NC.