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6 Spooky Plants

2 min read | Oct 27, 2015 | Plants 

Gobblins and ghosts don’t have anything on Mother Nature!  From leaves with neon spots and blood red veins to curly stems and piercing thorns, the world is filled with plants that are as menacing as they are beautiful.  Here are a few of our favorite plants that provide a few tricks with their treats.

1.  Rumex/Bloody Dock/Sorrel

rumex veins


This easy to grow, semi-evergreen perennial is great for fall & winter container gardening as well as in perennial beds. Excellent red veined foliage creates spooky interest in any garden.

  • 12-18” tall & 1’ wide
  • Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Perennial Zones 5-8
  • Beautiful fall/winter interest

2.  Snake Plant/Mother-in-Laws Tongue/Sanseveria

snake plant spikes

snake plant

One of the easiest houseplants to grow and care for!   The thick leaves with twisting, pointy texture provide great color to home or office space.  This plant prefers low to bright light.  Water moderately from spring to autumn and let dry out between waterings.  Leaves may be pruned to soil level if needed.

3.  Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick/European Filbert

harry lauder walking stick fruits

harry lauder contort

This deciduous shrub is a wonderful accent plant for winter interest with its twisted and contorted branches.

  • 12-15’ H x 8-10’ W
  • Full sun – part sun
  • Leaves are slightly twisted

4.  Spotted Ligularia

ligularia leaf

ligularia buds

A fall blooming shade plant! This variety has glossy dark green leaves with bold, other-worldly yellow spots. Large daisy like flowers add even more color to your garden in mid to late fall.

  • 12” – 24” H
  • Partial shade
  • Blooms late Summer – Fall
  • Deer resistant
  • Semi-evergreen

5.  Venus Fly Trap

venus fly trap

venus fly trap full

A plant that looks cool, entertains and takes care of pesky flies!  This carnivorous plant likes humidity – from distilled water or rain water, and prefers constant temperatures between 70 – 95 degrees.

  • Bright light no direct sun
  • Let tap water stand 48 hrs before using to water

6.  Cactus

cactus tall spikes

cactus cluster

Few plants look more menacing than a cactus filled with prickly, protruding spikes.  Most cactus varieties prefer bright light and well drained soils.  Cactus can be grown outdoors in the spring and summer months but some varieties should be brought inside during the colder months to ensure overwintering.

Stop by Fairview Garden Center soon before these unique, spooky plants disappear…boo…poof!