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A Little About Roses

2 min read | Apr 13, 2023 | Plants 

Roses are quite possibly the most recognizable plants in the world.  With their large, colorful, fragrant flowers, it is easy to see why.  There are many different types of roses from hybrid-teas to floribundas and shrub roses.

Proper bed preparation is one of the fundamentals to growing roses.  Roses are relatively deeply rooted plants in relation to their size so amending and planting properly is imperative for plant health.  Late fall and early winter are great seasons for preparing beds for planting.  Tilling and amending the planting area to 18”-24” will give roots a great head start for the rose plants.  Amendments such as mushroom compost, cow manure, and rose with budcompost will improve aeration and drainage in planting areas as well as add micronutrients to the soil.  When planting, it is important that the graft is above soil level to keep the rootstock from sending out climbers, and many others.  Different colors and flower forms adorn these garden beauties.  This species is so broad, that the best way to understand roses is to grow them.

Placement is also very important when planting roses.  At least six hours of sun is imperative for blooming and overall plant health.  Air circulation is nearly as important as good drainage to keep stagnant air from hovering around rose plants.  While circulation should be considered, windy areas should be avoided to prevent the roses from being damaged.

Rose-toneThere are many helpful products available to aid in growing of roses.  Bayer produces a three in one product which includes fertilizer, a fungicide, and an insecticide.  This product is poured on the root system and is taken up through the vascular system of the plant to protect the rose “from the inside”.  The fungicide helps fight against black spot and powdery mildew while the insecticide deters beetles, aphids, and thrips.  This is a great preventative product for use on all roses.  There are many other sprays and granular products available that have similar effects.  Japanese beetles made their first appearance during the last week of May last year.  Liquid Sevin spray minimized the damage to my plants over the course of June.

Rose spraysThis article barely scratches the surface of rose information.  For more specific information, feel free to ask our nursery personnel at Fairview.

Check out a printable version of our Rose Care Guide:

Rose Care (.pdf)

Brad Rollins