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A Perennial Summer: 9 Of Our Favorite Full Sun Blooms

3 min read | Jun 7, 2019 | Plants 

Sometimes summer shows up early in the South. The team at Fairview Garden Center of Raleigh, NC is ready for the warmer months with vacations, outdoor cookouts, and family gatherings on the calendar. While we don’t know what your plans are this season, you can at least be ready when it comes to what to plant for gorgeous blooms all summer long.

Perennials are a great option if you want a heat tolerant garden with gorgeous color combined the magical power of attracting butterflies and hummingbirds this season.

Here are 9 of our favorite Perennials that are perfect for North Carolina summers!

1. Catmint ‘Cat’s Meow’

Easy to grow, the lavender-colored flower spikes on this plant sway in the breeze and carry a subtle herbal mint fragrance that will bring life to any outdoor space. Height:  16 – 20 inches.

2. Daylily ‘Stella D’Oro’ 

As one of the most popular varieties of daylily; its golden yellow blooms are delicately fragrant. Height:  10 – 12 inches.

 3. Purple Coneflower ‘Kim’s Knee High’

This variety of echinacea is considered a dwarf form, and the flowers are a bright rose color with a dark orange center.  Height:  up to 24 inches.

4. Shasta Daisy ‘Luna

It’s a new shasta daisy that comes with a  surprise – it has double blooms that are a pale lemon yellow! Height:  18 – 20 inches.

 5. Lantana ‘Miss Huff

This is a huge garden favorite that loves the heat and sun.  Its bi-color flowers are coral pink and golden yellow. Height:  it can reach 5 feet by 5 feet.

6. Ice Plant  ‘Cooper’s Hardy

As a spreading succulent, its magenta flowers create a carpet of color in sunny and dry places. Height:  4 – 6 inches.

7. Coreopsis  ‘Early Sunrise’

The golden double blooms rise above shiny green foliage that makes them pop. Height:  18 – 24 inches.

8. Red Hot Poker ‘Orange Blaze’

First of all, the dark green grassy foliage is evergreen! Poking up from the leaves are tall flower spikes topped with bright orange blooms that resemble pointy pine cones. Bring on the heat!  Height: 24 – 30 inches.

9. Clematis ‘Boulevard Olympia’

This climber is a repeat-bloomer, displaying deep purple flowers in spring and again in summer. It’s also suitable for containers. Height: 4 – 5 feet.

We can’t talk about colorful summer perennials without mentioning some very colorful ornamental grasses! We have the super-cute ‘Burgundy Bunny’ Miniature Fountain Grass, whose red-topped dark green leaves reach a height of 12 – 18 inches. Little Bluestem ‘Twilight Zone’ sports stunning blue-topped green foliage and grows up to 36 inches in height.  Finally, Pink Muhly Grass is a perennial favorite (pardon the pun); at the end of summer and throughout the fall, its 3 – 4-foot high leaves are crowned with gorgeous pink “feathers”.

There’s still time to enjoy your summer garden! Visit the greenhouse today for the area’s best selection of heat-tolerant, full sun perennials to create a colorful oasis in your yard this season.