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Amaryllis Care

1 min read | Dec 13, 2012 | Plants 

Amaryllis can be purchased in full bloom or in bulb form. Either way, they both are grown originally from bulbs. Most amaryllis will produce two or more flowers at a time that are roughly 8-9” in diameter and rest on long 2” thick stems.



Care Instructions

When planting a bulb, make sure that 1/3 of the bulb is above the soil, the bulb is 2” from pot edge, and water thoroughly after planting. It is important to reduce watering so that the soil is barely moist until a sprout appears. After sprouting, water and fertilize regularly.

Place in a warm location (70-75 F). Once sprouting begins, you can expect to see flowers in 6-8 weeks, followed by attractive foliage. Make sure to rotate your amaryllis on a regular basis to encourage straight stem growth as it will grow toward the sun. Once your amaryllis begins to open it is wise to move it to a slightly cooler location (65 F). By doing this, the life-span of the flower may be extended. When the flowers begin to fade, cut off the stem to encourage new growth.

After Season Care

To enjoy your amaryllis next year – simply follow these easy instructions: Continue to water and fertilize through summer. During this time, your amaryllis will produce nice looking foliage that will be it source of strength for next year’s growth. Around September, the leaves will begin to yellow letting you know it needs to go dormant. Cut the leaves back to the neck of the bulb and store it in a cool place like your basement or garage. You can plant your amaryllis November – February in a rich sandy mix and start all over again.