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Blooms on Bark

Our Favorite Redbuds

Who doesn’t love to see the first signs of spring?   Beautiful, showy early blooms of daffodils, tulips, bridal wreath spirea, forsythia, dogwoods and of course, redbuds.  These native trees provide the splashes of purple and pink that dot the wood lines as you drive along many roads in the Piedmont region of North Carolina.

Here are a few of our favorite varieties of this beautiful under-story or specimen tree:

The Rising Sun (TM)

rising sun

Lavender-rose colored blooms precede the beautiful apricot foliage that matures into shades of gold, orange and lime green. A great small specimen that is resistant to leaf burn in the summer months.
˜ 8-12’ x 6 – 8’ H
˜ Super heat tolerance
˜ Full sun to part shade
˜ Compact grower


image via

This beautiful, architectural redbud was bred in Raleigh! In addition to its gorgeous form, the splashes of white variegation show that it was aptly named.
˜ 6-8’ x 3-4’
˜ Full sun to part shade
˜ Great contrasting foliage
˜ Native hybrid

Ruby Falls

ruby falls

Fantastic new weeping Redbud with excellent purple foliage. Blooms prolifically in early spring a pink/purple color before foliage appears.



Very handsome rosy-magenta blooms of small sweet-pea-shaped blooms in spring.

˜ 15 – 25’ Tall
˜ Sun – part sun
˜ Drought tolerant
˜ Great for woodland or
naturalized settings

Floating Clouds

floating clouds

This redbud is prized for both its lavender blooms and its variegated or multi-colored heart shaped leaves.  Interesting fall color with tones of pale yellow.

˜ 15 – 20’ Tall x 10 -15’ Wide
˜ Full sun – part sun
˜ Well drained soil
˜ Deciduous


floating clouds

A phenomenal hybrid redbud with lustrous purple foliage and great drought tolerance. Great as a small specimen or understory tree.
˜ 12-15’ x 10-12’
˜ Full sun to part shade
˜ Lavender-pink flowers in Spring
˜ Drought Tolerant