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Christmas Themes 2014

6 min read | Oct 28, 2014 | Plants 

Each October, Christmas color begins to slowly spread its way through Fairview Garden Center.  From the showy bracts on poinsettias beginning to turn red to the first of the artificial Christmas trees beginning to be fluffed, Christmas joy starts early.  The excitement grows as ornaments and decor make their way from warehouse boxes to Christmas trees and the unique Holiday themes begin to be revealed.  Fairview’s special Christmas elf, Phyllis Rollins, spends most of the year orchestrating her Christmas magic.  With over 20 years experience decorating Fairview’s custom Christmas trees and wreaths, its no wonder the revealing of our Christmas themes is one of the most anticipated events of the year.

Here are our 2014 Christmas themes:


REGAL ELEGANCE is breath taking! Champagne ribbon woven in and out, regal red velvet Poinsettias, along with jewel encrusted ornaments added to complete this majestic look.

regal elegance ornaments

regal elegance ornament

Regal Elegance deer


JOLLY OLE ST.NICK showcases a beloved classic. Traditional red and white ornaments, and Santas of all shapes and sizes, will be a welcomed addition to any St. Nick collector.

jolly ole tree

jolly ole train

jolly ole santa train

jolly ole santa ribbon


Nature’s findings of fresh greens and berries create indoor delight. Bright red cardinals and other feathered friends bring this SERENITY IN NATURE collection to life.

serenity in nature tree

serenity in nature merry ornament

serenity in nature joy

serenity in nature cardinal orb


A showering of feathers and fur, rhinestone earrings that dangle and sparkle, with a background of sage green, snow, and crystals. Found in all this Glitz and Glam, is an engagement ring, to be given during “DINNER at EIGHT.”

Dinner at 8 shoe

Dinner at 8 peacock

dinner at 8 display

Dinner at 8 dangle

Dinner at 8 bird


JOY TO THE WORLD is rich in color, and its garnet treasures crown in elegance our collection that features beautiful ornaments of the Holy family.

joy to the world ornaments

joy to the world ornament lg

Joy to the World mary


Inspired by rural, Southern France, the Three French Hens theme is timeless. Fabulous poulets and roosters, along with metal and wooden accessories, make this a theme not to be used just at Christmas, but as trendy décor year around.

3 french hens chicken cart

3 french hens tree

3 french hens chicken


“Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh!”  Sleighs of all sizes, jingle bells, carolers, and lots of snow, are included in SLEIGH RIDE. You will find yourself having fun and humming the song, “Dashing through the Snow” too!

sleigh ride tree


sleigh ride caroler tree

sleigh ride caroler tree topper

sleigh ride caroler lamp post


New and trendy, fluffy snowmen dressed in teal, orange, and pink. Sparkling tree toppers, and colorful ornaments of matte and metallic. Nothing can top our FLURRY OF FUN collection!

Flurry of Fun topper

Flurry of Fun Snowman

Flurry of Fun scarf

Flurry of fun display


Wish your guest JOYEUX NOEL (Merry Christmas) with this captivating, French inspired theme. Delicate florals and crystals adorn this champagne colored tree that evokes thoughts of breathtaking Paris.

joyeux noel cameo

joyeux noel tree


Nature comes to life in this mystical tree of enchantment, Winter greens, fairies, and dragonfly ornaments, add fun and whimsy to this very popular collection.

fairy enchantment dragonfly

fairy enchantment fairy

fairy enchantment tree


Childhood memories of Christmas are made new again. Stringed popcorn garland, trains, dolls, teddy bears, rocking horses, and beautiful Santa ornaments. You will be sure to smile and reminisce when you see “OLD FASHION CHRISTMAS.”

Old Fashioned Santa

old fashioned tree

old fashioned train


Welcome to the quiet elegance of this favorite theme of drifted snow and our wise owl friends. “Owl” BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS is beautiful, serene, and loved by all.

owl be home white owl

owl be home tree 2

owl be home brown owl

owl be home branch


Traditional yet trendy, this collection of winter fun is sought out by children of all ages. Snowmen, top hats, and collectible glass ornaments with hints of days gone by complete the SNOW BIZ collection.

snow biz tree

snow biz top hats

snow biz snow man


Burlap, distressed metal ornaments, and classic icons of deer, moose, and other woodland friends create a natural balance of color and texture to this”OH” DEER nature collection.

oh deer dont shoot

oh deer tree

oh deer fox

oh deer burlap deer


Contemporary, upscale elegance is found in our GRANDEUR theme.  Florals in rich brown and soft hues of ivory nestle together with regal pheasants and shimmering birds to create an elegant look for today’s modern home.

grandeur tree

grandeur pheasant

grandeur ornaments

grandeur ornament green

Grandeur bird


Not only does Santa love children, but he loves pets too. Dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, even pot belly pigs, have a special place in Santa’s heart and in this SANTA’S PET SHOP collection.

pet shop puppy

pet shop yorkie

pet shop boxer


Regal gold and shining Silver ornaments of all shapes and sizes, along with velvet poinsettias complete this beautiful & elegant tree.

silver and gold tree

silver and gold poinsettia

silver and gold ornament


Winter friends of snowmen and Santas work together to decorate the perfect winter tree.  To complete this fun tree are warm mittens, snow boot and of course lots of snow!

snow much fun ice skate

snow much fun snowman

snow much fun santa