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Easy Landscape Help

1 min read | Dec 13, 2012 | Plants  Resources 

At Fairview, we know that planning your landscape can be frustrating or even intimidating at times.  We want to make gardening as easy as possible while providing you with a diverse and exciting landscape.  All you need to do is bring in pictures of your areas of need.  Porches, patios, pools, foundation plantings, areas you would like screened…………..whatever you may need help with.  Pictures that are printed from digital cameras work well (much better than looking at a picture on a camera screen).  Looking at your pictures and seeing the nuances of your area can give us a great idea as to which plants will not only look best, but work best in your yard.  Not only is this an easy process, it is FREE!

One of the most important aspects to successful gardening is placing the right plant in the correct spot.  That means keeping plants that prefer shade in the shade, or plants that like dry soil away from soggy areas.  Carefully observe your areas of focus for changes in sunlight.  Is the area sunny in the morning and shady in the afternoon?  How shady is the area?  Are there tall pines or hardwood trees nearby?  All of these questions will help us select the right plants for you.  Also keep an eye on the drainage of your yard.  How long does it take your soil to drain after a rain shower?  Is your future garden on a slope, in a depression, or flat?  Any extra information that you can provide will help your garden grow beautifully.

Some popular plants that we recommend for shade are:








Some of our popular recommendations for sun are:

Knock Out Rose



Sweet Olive





Great screening plants:

Green Giant Arborvitae

Nellie Stevens Holly

Chindo Viburnum