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Fairy Garden How To

1 min read | Jan 25, 2017 | Plants  Resources 

7 Steps to Create a Magical Fairy Garden

1. Container

Find a container to suit the area in which you would like to place your fairy garden.


2. Gather Materials

Materials Needed:

  • Light-weight container mix
  • Miniature plants and trees
  • Rocks
  • Fairy house, furniture or decor to suit the theme of you intended display


3.  Focal Point

Fill container with soil and begin planting with your focal area  – usually a house, arbor, etc.


4.  Select the Plants

Use plants that like similar conditions together.  Use succulents together.  Use plants that can survive in shade or do well indoors.  Or use sun or shade plants for an outdoor garden depending on light exposure.


5.  Fill In

Branch out from your focal area using different colors and textures.  Fill in with sand, rocks, mosses, twigs, lichens and miniature decor.


6.  Fairies like to Hide

Remember to create little hiding places where you can imagine fairies playing and places that look like fairies may have built from natural elements.


7.  Have Fun

Most important:  be creative, resourceful and have fun!  Fairy gardens are a great project to create with the kids!

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