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Food for the Birds

3 min read | Feb 6, 2013 | Yard & Garden 

Preferred Foods for the Birds

At Fairview Garden Center, we carry “Cole’s, the better wild bird food”.  Cole’s produces a great variety of different products and blends to attract a large variety of birds.

Cole's Display

Special Feeder

This unique mix is a high energy treat for many birds. It’s the most popular blend because it attracts the largest number of wild birds.  It consists of Black Oil Sunflower, Sunflower Meats, Black Stripe Sunflower, Raw Peanuts, Safflower, Pecans

Blue Ribbon Blend

If you only want to use one feed and attract the greatest variety of wild birds, then use Blue Ribbon Blend. It’s a traditional mix done right. You’ll get the best combination of perch and ground feeding birds with this one. It consists of Black Oil Sunflower, sunflower meats, White Proso millet, and cracked corn.

Hot Meats

Nutritious sunflower meats infused with fiery hot Habanero chilies. Chili plants taste hot to mammals like people, while birds cannot taste the heat at all. Bluebirds and cardinals are especially fond of the Cajun flavor. This consists of Sunflower Meats and Hot Chili Peppers.

Cajun Blend

Even wild birds like a little Cajun spice now and then. Cole’s combined the fiery hot chilies of Hot Meats and Safflower (a favorite of cardinals) to create a sure fire winner for all your chickadees, titmice, woodpeckers, bluebirds, and of course cardinals. This consists of Sunflower Meats, Safflower, Liquid Habanero Chili Peppers, and Safflower Oil.

Sunflower Meats

Sunflower Meats is the only true no waste, no mess feed available. This is pure sunflower and the birds number one choice. With almost no shell, you get more feed per pound and no messy hulls to clean up. It’s perfect if you want to feed from a balcony and deck without the mess of leftover shells.


Safflower is a lifesaver for those having trouble with squirrels. Most squirrels and blackbirds don’t like it, while cardinals, nuthatches, and chickadees can’t resist it. If you’re tired of feeding more squirrels than birds, Safflower is for you.

Blazing Hot Blend

Bird Flag

Blazing Hot Blend is a 100% all natural way to increase the number of birds visiting your feeder. It combines a patented habanero chili pepper oil formula with the most preferred seeds of backyard songbirds. Woodpeckers, grosbeaks, buntings, cardinals, chickadees, bluebirds, goldfinches and more find this irresistible.  It consists of Black Oil Sunflowers, Sunflower Meats, White Proso Millet, Cracked Corn, Liquid Habanero Chili Peppers, and Safflower Oil.

Oil Sunflower

Cole’s Oil Sunflower is the absolute highest-grade oil sunflower on the market. It’s over 99% pure and cleaned four times to ensure that you get more seed and fewer sticks. You want as much oil in your sunflower because that’s what attracts the birds.

Finch Friends

There is now a finch mix for regular tubular feeders. This mix is full of the seed that wild finches like best.  It consists of Sunflower Meats, Niger Seed, and Canary food.

Here is a great, informative feeding chart via:



I hope this helps you choose the best food for your feathered friends. Remember to keep the water out this winter also.

Happy Birding!

Susan Rollins