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Mums and Mum Care

1 min read | Sep 10, 2017 | Plants 

Available in a huge variety of colors and varieties, the Garden Chrysanthemum is definitely a must have for all fall gardens. It comes in double petals, semi-double, and fringed petals but it is still a daisy deep down inside.



Mums are a very low maintenance plant. They are drought resistant once established.

— Full to partial sun. At least 6 hours of direct sun is ideal.

— Plant about 2 feet between plants in bedding areas.

— Fertilize with Osmocote after planting and water in.

— Water mums from the soil to prevent stem rot.

— *Once the ground freezes mulch well to prevent plants from heaving out of the ground, thus freezing the roots.



Pinching back occasionally during summer encourages compact and bushy growth, therefore more blooms in the fall. By the middle of July stop pinching back to allow for bud formation.


*Note: If you are planting mums in a container, they probably will act more as an annual, rather than a perennial.





Bloom September – October

Sapphire           Purple




Very Early Bloomers – Early September

Urano Orange OrangeBronze

Urano Yellow   Yellow

Temptress Red Red

Diana   Bright Yellow

Symphony        Lavender

Tiffany  White/Ivory


Early Bloomers – Mid September

Atlantico           Yellow

Padre Pink       Lavender-Pink

Beth     Dk Purple

Fiona    Coral Orange

Flashy Gretchen            Reddish Bronze


Helen   Dk Red

Sunny Gretchen            Medium Yellow

Bonnie  Red w/Yellow center

Jillian    Lavender

Milano Belgian  White

Padre White     White


Cesaro Yellow


Mid-Season – Late September

Tabitha Dk Red

Pidoul White

Pagoda Yellow

Janice Golden Yellow

Darlene Purple

Jacqueline Lavender

Miranda Orange

Novare Yellow

Peacock Lavender

Sly Jenna Bronze/Red


Late Season – Late September – Early October

Carpino Purple

Ostra Yellow

Draga Yellow Cream

Ashley Orange

Jolly Cheryl Red

Mary Yellow


Mums make exceptional container plants to be mixed with pansies, cabbage, kale, or a variety of Fairview Fall Favorite plants for breathtaking fall color.


Mums also look great in the landscape with companion plants such as Nandinas, Hollies, Burning Bush, and Indian Hawthorn.