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Patriotic Garden

1 min read | Jun 27, 2018 | Plants  Resources 

O Say Can You See…My Garden?

Our country’s birthday is just around the corner, and we’ve all got plans for celebrating. Fireworks are the most beautiful and exciting part of the Fourth of July for most of us. How about some red, white and blue “fireworks” in your garden? Plants and flowers are a gorgeous, living way to demonstrate your patriotism to your neighbors, friends and family!

With a little planning, perennials can add that patriotic flair to your garden. Choose plants that will be blooming when July 4th rolls around. You’ll want them to be planted so that they are comfortably rooting themselves by the time our national holiday arrives. Don’t forget a good shot of fertilizer to make those red, white and blue blooms pop!

For the reds, look for plants like salvia and creeping verbena. For the whites, daisies, coneflowers, gayfeather and gaura do nicely. Blues include plumbago, meadow sage and balloon flower.

If your garden is already well-established, then annuals are the way to go. You can plant little pockets of American colors amongst your shrubs and trees. Container gardening is an awesome way to display these flowers on your front porch or back deck, along your driveway or fence, or even around your pool (should you be so fortunate)!

Reds are easy; look for geraniums, vinca, petunias or celosia. Bright whites include petunias, vinca, sunpatiens and diamond frost. Blue daze, scaveola, blue salvia and dark purple petunias have got your blues covered.

Happy Fourth of July!

–Pam in Perennials