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2 min read | Dec 13, 2012 | Plants 

This all-time favorite herb is extremely versatile as it has many uses! From culinary to beauty items, this low maintenance plant will not disappoint the new or seasoned gardener. Small, inconspicuous flowers in blue, pink or white hues adorn this plant, if allowed to flower. This evergreen plant, and eventually shrub, is a must have!

Just for Fun
– Originated from the mint family. First found in Portugal and Spain.
– Christians call this the Holy Herb because, according to Spanish legend, Mary dropped her cloak on a rosemary bush on the trip to Egypt. When she did so, the blooms changed from white to blue.
– Shakespeare mentions rosemary in Hamlet. He calls it a symbol of remembrance and fidelity.
– It is an old English (and still popular throughout Europe) custom for a bride to give her groom rosemary on the morning of their wedding. Doing so ensures love, wisdom and loyalty. For the same reason, it is used as a halo on the bride instead of a veil. It is also used as wreaths for funerals.
– Ancient Greeks and Romans believed it helped to improve memory and concentration.Growth & Care
Evergreen shrub with blue, pink or white flowers. Varieties can range in habit from creeping to mounding or upright. Grows up to four feet tall and four to five feet wide. This plant loves the full, hot sun, once established. Is drought tolerant. Rosemary requires very little maintenance unless you are using it in topiary form, and then only occasional pruning is needed.

Popular Uses
– A popular herb whose leaves are used in chicken, pork, veal and lamb dishes. Also can be used in stews, butters, jams and sauces.
– The oil is used in perfumes and toiletries, as well as incense.
– The leaves and flowers are used in sachets, potpourri and wreaths.
– Fresh cuttings can be used in flower arrangements for beauty and scent!
– A variety called BBQ Rosemary can be stripped of it’s leaves and the stem used as a skewer for grilling.

Happy Herb Gardening!
Pegi R.
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