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Top 5 Hanging Baskets for Shade

4 min read | Apr 4, 2017 | Fairview News 

A perfectly placed hanging basket filled with bountiful blooms can add a colorful touch to a shaded front porch or bland garden spot. Selecting the right plant for the right spot will ensure lasting color that radiates life all season long.

The Best Hanging Plants for a Shaded Porch

There are plenty of colorful plants that love the low, filtered light of a tree-filled property or a shady corner of a screened porch. If you have a spot that only gets morning sun, or no sun at all, we offer several hanging flowering plants that thrive in shade.

Whether you’re an avid gardener or casual enthusiast, these hanging plants are relatively easy to grow and maintain, while making your porch look gorgeous! Below are our top 5 hanging baskets for shade.

1. Chenille Plant

Chenille plants are a gorgeous and unique option for your hanging baskets. Named for the French word “chenille” or “caterpillar,” this tropical plant features furry blooms that look like furry caterpillars or bushy foxtails. These blooms come in red and strawberry colors, as well as different lengths, depending on the variety you choose. Chenille blooms non-stop for enjoyment all year round. 

The chenille is a hardy plant that can handle full sun in the morning; however, it does best when it has afternoon shade during hot summers. It needs moist soil, which is another reason why harsh sun that can dry out the plant should be avoided.

This excellent shade plant is also commonly used as a houseplant. Consider bringing your plant indoors during the winter. Simply deadhead fading flowers to maintain this jewel-colored plant.

2. Fuchsia

A fuchsia is a showy flower that takes an unusual, pendulous shape. The fuchsia’s bright flowers contrast nicely with its dark green foliage, creating a beautiful hanging basket for your shaded porch or garden. The plant blooms throughout the summer and comes in a variety of pink, purple, and white colors.

You’ll love that this delicate-looking plant is not complicated to care for. It prefers lower temperatures and doesn’t like a lot of sunshine. Your plant will thrive in shade to partial shade. Too much sun will prevent your plant from offering the fullest blooms.

Winter your hanging plant indoors so that they can thrive all year long.

3. Streptocarpella

Add brilliant blue-purple color and velvety green leaves to your garden and hanging baskets with Streptocarpellas. This plant will stand out against other pink and red blossoms, which is why it’s one of the best hanging plants for a shaded porch. The cascading flowers will last from spring to fall, plus they attract hummingbirds.

Maintenance for this plant is simple! Streptocarpellas thrive in partial shade to full shade. They can handle up to 6 hours of sun if your porch gets morning light, but should get 4 to 6 hours of part sun and 4 hours of full shade.

Monitor the soil of your Streptocarpella and water as needed.

4. Bleeding Heart

Another recommendation for a shade-loving hanging plant is the classic bleeding heart. This stunning plant features heart-shaped, pink-red flowers with a single hanging droplet and arching stems. The look of these blooms are hard to forget!

Unlike some of the other popular shade plants that bloom almost year-round, bleeding heart flowers bloom for several weeks. Their flowers will die off quickly if exposed to too much sun, so be sure to find that shady or partial sun spot for it to hang. They also need to be watered thoroughly throughout the summer.

No de-heading is needed and you can expect the plant to bloom again next season. Come out to our garden center today to shop for these hanging baskets for shade and other amazing plants!

5. Torenia

Torenias create a lovely, bright spot in your shady areas. These plants boast velvety bi-color or tri-color flowers, featuring purples, pinks, whites, and yellows. The flowers are shaped like little trumpets among beautiful green leaves. Upright and trailing varieties are available, making this one of the best hanging plants for a shaded porch or garden.

Torenias prefer morning sun and afternoon shade and are heat-tolerant once established. Some pruning may be required to keep flowering and shape. With proper care and watering, flowers will last from spring until first frost.

Find Yours at Fairview Today!

These are just a few of our favorite options for hanging baskets that thrive in the shade. For help finding the right plant for your unique porches, gardens, and yards, we are happy to discuss even more varieties.

Contact us today or stop by in-person and browse our greenhouses filled with beautiful blooms and pick your favorites from our many varieties!

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