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Top 5 Living Gifts for Your Valentine

2 min read | Feb 3, 2015 | Fairview News  Plants 

Living Love:

1.  Can’t CONTAIN My Love

Contain the garden, not your love.  A one of kind, cool season, custom container garden for indoors or out is a great gift for a gardener.  Perfect for a small outdoor space or to brighten up a porch or patio with seasonal color.

container goshiki heuchera fern

container mahonia heuchera acorus pansy

2.  Our Love Doesn’t Succulent

Show love with a living gift that’s hard to kill.  Succulents and cactus are easy to maintain in a sunny spot indoors in the winter.  They can be placed outside in the sun when temps begin to warm.  Succulents add trendy texture to a winter-scape.

succulent pot

cactus thorns

3.  I Really Dig You

Show that your love is continually “sprouting” with all the tools and supplies needed to get the garden growing this Spring.  Heirloom vegetable seeds, sturdy trowel, new pair of gardening gloves and a veggie garden cookbook make an excellent gift basket for the garden lover.

cool season veggie seeds

garden gloves

4.  Get Fresh…Air

Houseplants are scientifically proven to improve indoor air quality.  Give your relationship a breath of fresh air with the gift of a unique tropical houseplant like Anthyrium, Peace Lily, Ficus or Fern.


peace lily

5.  Love in Bloom

Don’t cut it, grow it and your love will continue to bloom.  Cut flower favorites like roses, cyclamen, azaleas and orchids make great gifts as potted plants and produce blooms that can last a lifetime.

orchid wine

floral azalea pink light

floral rose yellow

Step inside the spacious, warm greenhouses of Fairview to find the perfect gift to express your living and continually blooming love.