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Vegetables for the Fall Garden

2 min read | Aug 27, 2014 | Plants 

Sow Now.  Reap Later.

In the South we are fortunate to be able to enjoy vegetable gardening for about 9 out of 12 months each year.  It’s late August and fall is fast approaching.  It’s time to start thinking about what to plant in the cool season garden and when it needs to be in the ground. Vegetables suitable for fall planting are called “cool season” vegetables.  These are veggies that prefer cooler temperatures and perform well with shorter days and long, cool nights.  Some cool season vegetables need to be sown in the ground directly from seed.  Others preform well when transplanted from “baby plants” while many varieties, especially leafy greens, can be sown from seed or transplant.

swiss chard 4 in

cool season veggie seeds

Here is a quick list of fall veggies, their planting times and recommended planting method:

Cool Season Vegetable Chart


Method of Planting

Start Time

Beets Seeds Aug 1 – Sept 1
Bok Choy Plants Aug 15 – Sept 15
Broccoli Plants July 15 – Aug 15
Broccoli Seeds July 1 – Sept 1
Brussel Sprouts Seeds July 15 – Aug 1
Brussel Sprouts Plants Aug 1 – Aug 30
Cabbage Plants Aug 1 – Sept 1
Cabbage Seeds July 1 – Sept 1
Carrots Seeds July 15 – Aug 15
Cauliflower Plants July 1 – Aug 15
Cauliflower Seeds June 1 – July 1
Collards Seeds July 15 – Aug 15
Collards Plants Aug 1 – Aug 30
Endive Seeds Aug 15 – Sept 15
Kale Seeds Aug 15 – Sept 15
Kohlrabi Seeds Aug 1 – Sept 15
Leeks Seeds Sept 1 – Sept 30
Lettuce Seeds Aug 15 – Sept 15
Mustard Seeds Aug 1 – Sept 15
Radish Seeds Aug 1 – Sept 30
Rutabaga Seeds Aug 1 – Aug 15
Snow Peas Seeds Aug 15 – Sept 15
Spinach Seeds Aug 1 – Sept 1
Swiss Chard Seeds Aug 1 – Sept 1
Turnip Seeds Aug 1 – Sept 15


lettuce seedling tray

The start dates listed are not cast in stone. You have some wiggle room depending on the varieties you are growing and their individual harvest times.   For example, some varieties of lettuce and spinach can be harvested in as little as 21-28 days.  With these varieties, you can do your first planting and then sow seeds thereafter every 3 weeks until about 2 weeks before our first fall frost.  In our area, the first fall frost usually occurs between the second and third week of October.  Many cool season veggies, especially leafy greens often incur enhanced flavor after growing through a frost.

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At Fairview Garden Center, we have all your fall veggie garden needs including seeds, plants, growing materials, soil, fertilizer, organic gardening options and more!

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Happy Gardening,

Cindy K.

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