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Water Plants

2 min read | Apr 28, 2023 | Plants 

Plants that Swim

Okay, so plants don’t really swim, but you can have a water garden! Ponds, pools, large bowls – take your gardening to the next level by planting in (and around) water.

One of the easiest selections of water plants are “floaters”. These are plants that float freely on the surface, such as Water Hyacinth and Water Lettuce.

Then, there are plants that are anchored to the bottom of a pond or, planted in special pots using aquatic planting medium. Hardy Water Lilies and Water Lotus, though they appear to be floating, are actually planted and rooted to the bottom. The foliage of these plants grow until reaching the surface of the water.

Finally, there are plants that are suited to wet or boggy conditions and can be planted around
a water feature. Some examples of these marginal plants are:

  • Flag Iris
  • Canna Lily
  • Dwarf Papyrus
  • Lizard’s Tail
  • Japanese Variegated Iris
  • Pitcher Plant
  • Venus Flytrap

Want some grassy accents? Try certain types of Carex (sedge), Acorus (sweet flag) or Corkscrew Rush.

You may want to have fish in your pond, which is totally fine. They hide amongst the vegetation and sometimes nibble at it.

Having a water garden is relatively easy, and at Fairview we have all the supplies you’ll need to create it. We have the pond plant growing medium, fertilizer tabs, planting baskets and even floating islands for your plants!

We also have a great selection of plants for in and around the water. Some flower, some have interesting foliage, some love the sun, some love more shade. So put your “swimmies” on, and give water
gardening a try!