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What To Consider When Choosing a Succulent Pot

4 min read | Jul 21, 2022 | Plants  Yard & Garden 

Finding the perfect pot for your succulent can be almost as rewarding as finding the succulent itself, but it can also be a tricky process. Here are three features to consider when choosing which pot is best for you and your succulent.

1. What Size Pot Is Best For Succulents?

Small Ceramic Pots

Choosing the right size pot for your plant can be a hard decision. You don’t want to choose a pot that is too big or too small for your succulent or that could damage the plant or even cause it to die. You want to be able to allow ample space for it to grow and you to not have to repot. 

A good rule of thumb is to leave about half an inch between the succulent and the edge of the pot to allow the succulent to grow out. The height of the pot should be about 10% greater than the height of your succulent to allow for the roots to grow.  

If you are combining multiple succulents into the same pot, make sure to allow room in between the plants. While it may look pretty to have them squished together, it is going to prevent them from growing and could cause them to die if they don’t get enough breathing room. 

2. What Type of Pot Material Should I Use?

Small Decorative Pots

With so many different options out there, it may be hard to know what type of pot you want. 

The first thing you should consider is what type of material you want. A plant pot’s material can range from terracotta to plastic or even glass, so before you decide on a color or texture make sure you know what type of pot is going to fit your space and lifestyle best. 

  • Terracotta and ceramic are the most popular choice, but can get hot if in direct sunlight.
  • Wood, which is becoming more popular, allows for water retention, drainage and to keep your plants cool.
  • Plastic or resin pots are cheaper options and a good choice if you plan to move your plants around often.
  • Metal pots may look good but are not good for long term solutions because they can rust and harm your plants and tend to be harder to control the temperature of them. 

Once you know what material you want to use, it is time to decide on color and texture. You can either go for a theme that matches the succulent or you can choose the colors based off of your space and personality. This is a chance for you to have fun and pick a pot that really fits you and your space!

3. What Do I Need To Know About Pot Drainage?

Drainage can arguably be the most important part of any succulent pot. Having a drainage hole allows for water to drip out and avoids the possibility of overwatering. Without proper drainage your succulent could have root problems, not thrive, or even die. 

Adding mesh tape over the drainage hole allows for the water to release, while not allowing for the soil to fall out. If you fall in love with a pot that does not have a drainage hole, no need to worry— you can just add a hole yourself. 

If you don’t feel comfortable adding a hole yourself, your succulent can be okay without a drainage hole it just requires more thought from you. You will want to water it sparingly to avoid over watering, but still make sure that it is getting enough water. It should be obviously wet, but not have a pool of water.

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