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Why Fall is a Good Time to Plant

1 min read | Sep 9, 2015 | Plants  Resources 

“Fall is for planting”

You’ve probably heard that phrase many times.  Why exactly is fall the best time to plant?   It all has to do with the roots!


During the fall months, soil temperatures are perfect for root growth. Why does that matter? Roots are where plants store energy! The healthier the roots, the healthier the plant. Root establishment in the fall provides a place for plants to store energy for use in the spring. In addition to storage capacity, a larger root system going into the summer months is great if we encounter prolonged dry periods. A large root system can mean little to no supplemental water.

planting diagram (via)

Can you plant in the spring? Sure! Yes, roots will grow then as well but plants are also expending energy on top growth and trunk/branch diameter. In fall, all of that energy is focused on roots.

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