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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera (Aloe barbedensis, Aloe, First Aid Plant) is a succulent & requires bright light for it to do well. A very easy care succulent to grow as a houseplant. If the plants are happy, you’ll see pups (babies) appearing from the base of the mother plant.

A very handy plant to have in the kitchen or a bathroom as the plump leaves are full of gel and can be used for a variety of healing properties.

The larger it gets, the heavier it gets because those large leaves store a lot of water & of course the gooey gel.

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  • Watering – easy does it when it comes to frequency.  This fleshy succulent stores a lot of water in its leaves & thick roots.  Depending on your environmental conditions, you will probably want to water your Aloe Vera every 2-4 weeks. With this plant, it’s best to water less often than more often. If you Aloe begins to smell, then it’s rotting out. Dark, transparent spots or crimping at the base of the leaves are also signs of too much water.
  • Lighting – Medium to high light. This succulent needs a fair amount of bright, natural light to grow and for those leaves to get nice & plump. A south or west exposure area in your home is best. East can be fine too as long as it’s quite close to a window. You’ll want to rotate it every few months or so to make sure the light its receiving is even on all sides.
  • In the winter with shorter days, you may have to move it to a sunnier spot. In the summer though, be sure to keep it out of any hot, direct sun lighted windows because that could burn the leaves. If you have a dark home or apartment, this would not be a recommended plant to try.