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Add character to your living space with a beautiful cactus plant from Fairview Garden Center. Natives of the drylands, cactus houseplants are able to survive weeks without being watered. With enough light, many will bloom flowers of white, pink, red, orange, yellow or purple. Cactus plants are available in many shapes, colors, and sizes so you can find the perfect one to suit your style or home decor.

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fairview plants
fairview plants
fairview plants

Requirements for growing cacti successfully

  • Do not over-water
  • Free-draining soil
  • A cold and dry resting period (most houses are  too warm for cactus in the winter)
  • Best kept around 50-55 deg. F.
  • Fresh air
  • A period outdoors in the summer months

The Cactus family is divided into two groups – the Desert Cacti and the Forest Cacti. The original home and care requirements of these two groups are different.

Forest Cacti

  • Native habitat is the forest regions of tropical America where they grow as epiphytes on trees.
  • Trailing growth habit and flattened leaf-like stems.
  • Need water and occasional feeding during winter months.
  • Require some shade during the hottest months of the year. Suitable for north and east facing windowsills.
  • Examples: Christmas Cactus, Easter Cactus, and Orchid Cactus.

Desert Cacti

  • Native habitat is the semi-desert regions of America.
  • Most cacti belong to this group.
  • Need very little water between mid-autumn and early spring.
  • Require as much sunshine as possible. Suitable for south-facing windowsills.
  • Examples: Opuntia sp., Cereus sp., Euphorbia sp., Mammilaria sp., etc.