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ZZ Plant

ZZ Plants (Zamioculcas, Zanzibar Gem) have beautiful foliage & have become quite popular in the last several years. They have a beautiful dark green foliage that is somewhat glossy or shiny in appearance. Larger ZZ Plants can also be used as a floor plant.

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fairview plants
fairview plants
  • Watering – Infrequent watering. Approximately every 2-3 weeks in summer & every 3-4 weeks in winter. Adjust accordingly for your conditions. These plants grow from thick, round tuberous rhizomes which store water as do the thick, fleshy roots & somewhat spongy stems. Therefore, it’s important that you don’t overwater a ZZ Plant.
  • Lighting – Medium light is the key for this plant to look its best. They can tolerate low light plant but that will result in little new growth & somewhat stretchy stems. If you have a room with moderate to high light, keep your ZZ at least 10′ away from any windows.