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Top 5 Hanging Baskets for Full-Sun

A perfectly placed hanging basket filled with bountiful blooms can add a colorful touch to any front porch or bland garden spot. Selecting the right plant for the right spot will ensure lasting color that spills out all season long. If you have a spot that receives 5 or more hours of direct sunlight each day, you will want to select a hanging basket filled with flowers that love full sun conditions. Here are a few of our favorite full sun plants that we recommend adding to your porch or yard this summer!

5. Petunias and Million Bells

Petunias and Million Bells enjoy full sun to part sun, however, they tend to bloom more prolifically in full sun. It’s important not to let them dry out (they like to be watered every day and sometimes twice a day in hotter months) and fertilize every two to three weeks.

4. Bougainvillea

This sub-tropical vine is a riot of color when in bloom. It can grow 10 – 20 feet in a single growing season, but less here in the Triangle where it is an annual. Ranging in color from pinks and purples to red, these drought-tolerant vines can be trained into bush or tree forms.

3. Portulaca

Portulaca comes in many vibrant colors for full sun areas. Also called Yubi, Purslane or Moss Rose, it is extremely heat and drought tolerant. These plants are ideal for those who may not have as much time this spring and summer to water and fertilize on a regular basis.  

2. Dragon Wing Begonia

This dark begonia is easy to grow and flowers profusely all season long.  This highly popular, easy to grow, begonia is a true workhorse in both containers and hanging baskets, blooming spring through frost.

1. Sunpatiens

This new Impatien is unlike other traditional varieties, as it thrives in hot sunny conditions. Although Sunpatiens do not have a trailing habit, they provide high impact blooms from spring through frost and are great paired with other trailing plants in mixed baskets.

These are just a few of our Fairview favorites for the spring and summer seasons. Give us a call at 919-851-6821 or stop by and browse our greenhouses filled with beautiful blooms and pick your favorites from our many varieties. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to help you pick the perfect full-sun basket for your space and lifestyle!