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The Chenille plant boasts quirky, textural blooms that are eye-catching for any gardener. The crimson catkins vary in appearance, as they can be round fuzz balls or trail downward. These blooms also can grow up to 18 inches long — adding depth to any container garden. Chenille plants are a wonderful addition to any annual container garden or can be placed inside as a year-round houseplant.

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Chenille grows best in full sun to partial shade conditions. It’s a rather adaptable plant suitable for sand, clay and loamy soils but is not drought-tolerant. The soil should consistently be moist, but not drowning. As a tropical plant, high humidity and warmer temperatures bode well for it. 

  • Acalypha hispida “White-Margined” → creamy white catkins + white margins on mature green leaves
  • Acalypha pendula → dwarf form, only grows 3 to 7 inches tall (best for containers)
  • Acalypha hispida “Alba” → rarely seen white variety with white catkins 


As a houseplant, the Chenille plant may go into a dormant season where it produces no blooms. Don’t worry — just wait for the next spring bloom!