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Fuchsias are native to Central and South America, where temperatures are cool and the air is moist. There are over 3,000 fuchsia plant varieties to choose from, making the possibilities almost endless for this plant. While fuchsias are beautiful, they can be finicky about the temperature and humidity. Although they aren’t considered to be low-maintenance, growing fuchsias can be quite rewarding.

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These plants can adapt to almost any kind of soil, as long as it drains well and quickly. Because of where they originate, fuchsias are particularly sun intolerant and prefer to be in temperatures lower than 80 degrees. If you’re growing fuchsias indoors, keep them in an indirectly bright area.

There are thousands of varieties, but common ones include:

  • Fuchsia ‘Swingtime’
  • Fuchsia ‘Lady in Black’ — can grow 6 feet in one season
  • Fuchsia ‘Dollar Princess’ — red + purple blooms with winter hardiness

Fuchsias thrive when they’re pruned properly. Clip back branches that are finished blooming with garden shears for best results.