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As one of our most popular varieties of hanging plants, the Streptocarpella plant creates a perfectly round hanging basket that is covered in vibrant purple flowers from spring to frost, creating a burst of color in even the darkest of places.

It prefers to be in containers and when kept well watered–and fertilized every other week–will constantly stay full of vivid purple blooms! Streptocarpella is a great shade plant but can also take as much as 4 hours of indirect morning sunlight. Keep in mind, it does not like hot afternoon sun. Stop into Fairview Garden Center today to see this lovely plant in person, it will be sure to brighten up your living space!

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fairview plants
fairview plants
fairview plants
  • Need low to medium light
  • Cascading style
  • Attract hummingbirds
  • Likes consistent moisture

Otherwise known as Cape Primrose or False African Violet, Streptocarpella sports beautiful, drooping lilac-like flowers in vivid pure hues. This variety lends itself to garden flower bed planting, hanging baskets and tall pots. Native to Africa, the violet sky thrives in gardening zones 9 through 11, where it reaches heights of about 16 inches with the proper care.

Upon blossoming, streptocarpella will feature several nodes with bright flowers opening at the tips. This plant only grows to a height of 6 to 12 inches, but can spread to about 12 inches wide. Most of this variety will bloom with purple hues, but there are other color varieties as well.

Streptocarpella Care for Spring

  • From spring through fall, apply a water-soluble fertilizer that is high in phosphorous every 3 weeks
  • Avoid hot sun and direct light – this can burn and fade the flowers

Streptocarpella Care for Winter

  • Bring indoors and keep in a room with bright light
  • Withhold fertilizer during the winter months
  • Less watering is required during winter because the plant will cease growing and rest