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A beautiful–and powerfully fragrant–flower, daphne is a great plant that can sometimes get a bad rap for being hard to grow. At Fairview Garden Center, we recommend planting in a container with drainage holes. If planting in the ground, make sure to amend your soil really well and plant higher than you normally would to avoid root rot. This ensures your daphne grows healthy and lasts longer.

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Daphne odora
Wonderfully fragrant rosy-purple blooms in February and March make this a great choice to plant along walkways where it can be enjoyed in the winter
  • 3 – 4’ Tall
  • Part shade
  • Long bloom
  • Evergreen
Daphne aureomarginata
Beautiful rosy-pink flowers that become white as they open.  Contrast nicely against deep green and
white variegated foliage. Wonderful sweet fragrance.
  • 3 – 4’ Tall
  • Part shade
  • Winter bloom
  • Evergreen
Daphne genkwa
Slow growing, deciduous accent plant with beautiful purple to lilac blooms.  Blooms in April to May before leaves emerge.
  • 5’ H x 5’ W
  • Sun – part shade
  • Needs excellent drainage