Geraniums are a versatile, flowering plant that can be grown indoors or outdoors. Scientifically name Pelargonium, meaning stork in Latin, these beautiful flowers have a long, slender fruit capsule resembling a stork's bill.

With an expansive variety of colors, scents, sizes, and care options, you're sure to find a Geranium that suits your preferences grown right here at Fairview Garden Center!

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Zonal Geranium: Bold or pastel colored full blooms cover plant all season long.

  • Fabulous in a container or window box.
  • Full sun – part sun
  • Allow soil surface to dry between waterings
  • 10” – 18” tall
  • Deadhead to encourage new blooms

Ivy Geranium: Bold or pastel colored, whispy blooms cover plant all season long. This flowing plant is fabulous in window boxes and containers.

  • Part sun (morning sun)
  • Deadhead to encourage new blooms
  • No afternoon sun

Martha Washington Geranium: Vibrant, multi-colored blooms cover plant in cooler spring and fall. It is fabulous in a container or in the border.

  • Full sun – part sun
  • Multi-colored blooms with interesting foliage
  • 12” – 15” tall

Vancouver Geranium: An elegant long-season display of scarlet blooms above colorful foliage. Continues to look great in the heat of our summers, while most other geraniums do not.

  • 12-18” Tall
  • Sun to Part Shade
  • Blooms early summer till mid-fall
  • Heat tolerant

Scented Geranium: Keep mosquitos at bay with delightful scents such as rose, lemon, orange, etc. make this a plant to put where it can be touched and enjoyed!

  • 2-5’ Tall, spacing 2-3’ apart
  • Full sun – part sun
  • Use for Insect Repellent

We offer geraniums in the following sizes and options:

  • 4” pots
  • 6” pots
  • 8” pots
  • 10” &  12” decorative pots
  • Hanging Baskets

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