Holly comes in many shapes and sizes and has a variety of uses in the landscape. Evergreen varieties are often used as foundation plants, specimen plants at the corner of homes or large screening plants. Japanese hollies (often confused with boxwood) are the most popular variety and seem to be the “contractor's special” when it comes to new homes!

While most evergreen hollies prefer well drained soil there are some varieties that can handle wetter areas. Inkberry, Yaupon, Dwarf Yaupon and several deciduous cultivars will perform well in wet soils and naturalized areas.

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Holly is known as a hearty, low-maintenance plant that requires little care. However, here are a few tips for planting and caring for your holly that will keep it healthy for years to come.

  • Keep soil lightly moist but not flooded, too much water can rot the roots.
  • Water during the dry summer months.
  • Pruning is unnecessary. You may trim to maintain the desired shape in the winter or spring.
  • Mulch in the spring to conserve water and control weeds.