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African Violets

African violets boast a natural and fresh look. These houseplants are covered in bright gem-toned flowers that are nestled among elegant cashmere leaves. The variety of shades, shapes and sizes stimulate the imagination and they have been developed to be tough, reliable and affordable houseplant choices.

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Here are a couple of tips for optimal plant care:

  • Do not overwater.
  • Do not get cold water on the leaves.
  • An eastern or northern window is best.
  • Fertilize regularly.
  • Turn your pot periodically to maintain an even growth.

The formula for success with African violets is simple: Provide the correct light exposure and foolproof watering techniques and you can’t fail. Their tender leaves prefer light from a window with eastern or northern exposure. If you have a location facing west or south, protect them from the harsh rays of the sun. AFRICAN VIOLETS WILL DIE FROM OVERWATERING. When excess water is not removed from the saucer, they become soggy causing their roots to decay. The best watering method is to place your violet in a self-watering container. All you have to do is keep fertilized water in the reservoir. Although watering the plant from above with luke warm water is a must about once a month. The “old faithful” method is to place the violet in a saucer of water for about twenty minutes. Leaving the violet in the water for this short period of time will allow it to absorb a sufficient amount of moisture. Empty the remaining water from the saucer and your violet will be content for about a week.

To maintain top-notch blooming energy, feed your plants every time you water. The recommended fertilizer is one that is made specifically for African violets, or a well-balanced fertilizer such as 14-12-14. Without proper nutrition, African violets will cease to flower.

  • Violets look great in silver.
  • Place small selections in a cream pitcher, sugar bowl or compote.
  • The smallest violets look adorable in napkin rings at each place setting.
  • Purchase colored pots or paint your pots to complement the flower colors.
  • Place petite plants in eggcups on a windowsill.
  • If you have a small space, purchase suction cup holders and attach violets to the inside of a window.