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Cyclamen is a wonderful indoor plant that has a long blooming period producing lots of colorful flowers. Flower colors include traditional red and, white, as well as pastel colors of pink and purple. The plant can bloom for several months if kept in a cool and brightly lit area.
Best grown in pots as they are only winter hardy to zones 9-11.

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  • Nighttime temperatures near the 50s with daytime temperatures of 70 degrees or less are best. Do not place cyclamen near a heat register or hot air duct.
  • Do not place near a heating source
  • Best to water the plant from below the leaves to prevent water from sitting on the stems or leaves.
  • Give cyclamen bright, indirect light in the winter when the plant is actively growing.
  • During the summer when dormant, it’s best to keep cyclamen in a cool, dark spot with good air circulation.
  • Evenly water for best results and try not to allow it to wilt. 
  • Too much water causes yellow leaves and collapsing of the flowers and buds.