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A versatile indoor plant, Hedera helix ivy, commonly known as English ivy, is popular and valued for its attractively shaped, deep green leaves.

And outdoors, English Ivy (Hedera helix) is a very vigorous climbing evergreen vine. A familiar sight in gardens, waste spaces, on walls, tree trunks and in wild areas across its native habitat. This evergreen climbing plant can grow 66–98 ft high where suitable surfaces (trees, cliffs, walls, etc.) are available, and is also grown as ground cover.

Properly grown, Ivy can make for wonderful trailing and climbing plants.

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fairview plants
  • Water whenever the top one-half inch of potting mixture feels dry to the touch.
  • Fertilize the plant monthly during spring and summer with a general-purpose fertilizer for indoor plants.
  • It prefers a fertile, well-drained soil outdoors and likes a loose, well-drained potting mix for indoor containers.
  • In both winter and summer, ivy prefers bright indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight in summer.
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  • Buttercup
  • Algerian Ivy
  • Needlepoint
  • Goldchild

Prune Ivy lightly as needed to keep the plant looking tidy and to maintain the desired shape and size.