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Garden Mums

The Garden Chrysanthmum is a must have for the fall garden or seasonal doorstep. Mums are available in a huge selection of colors and varieties. Mum flowers can vary from double petals, semi-double and fringed.

Mums make exceptional container plants to be mixed with pansies, cabbage, kale, heuchera, euphorbia, grasses and more. Mums also make great landscape companions to fall interest shrubs like Nandina, Holly, Burning Bush, Witchhazel and more.

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Mums: Annual, Perennial, What’s the Deal?

Fairview Garden Center’s fall Garden Mum selections are chosen for their hardiness in our planting zone (Zone 7b). They are seasonally grown in our greenhouses for a flower bud set that produce September and October blossoms. This means that they put most of their energy into producing vibrant fall blooms rather than focusing on established root growth. For this reason, Garden Mums are generally sold as cold-hardy seasonal annuals planted for decorative fall color.

This focus on flowers does not mean, however, that some varieties will not re-grow next spring. Many varieties will overwinter when planted properly in the ground using proper planting procedures and receiving proper fall plant care. Mums are a very low maintenance plant and are fairly drought tolerant once established. Mums planted in containers will act more as an annual rather than a perennial.

Mum Care Instructions

Mum Care for Fall

  • Full to partial sun. At least 6 hours of direct sunlight is ideal.
  • Plant about 2 feet apart in bedding areas.
  • Fertilize with a slow release fertilizer (Osmocote) after planting and water in thoroughly.
  • Water mums from the soil to prevent stem rot.
  • Once the ground freezes and plant becomes dormant, mulch well to prevent the roots from freezing.

Mum Care for Spring

  • Remove dead foliage & extra mulch by mid-March
  • Pinching back occasionally encourages compact, bushy growth and promotes blooms for fall.
  • Stop pinching back by early July to allow for fall bud formation

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Mum Selection

Bloom Time


  • Very Early

    • Sinelli Yellow
    • Girona Orange
    • Prima White
  • Early-Season

    • Atlantic Yellow
    • Elena Gold
    • Padre Yellow
    • Padre White
    • Beth Lavender
  • Mid-Season

    • Cesaro Yellow
    • Conella Yellow
    • Nerola Orange
    • Lava Red
  • Late-Season

    • Mary Yellow
    • Wanda Purple
    • Wanda Lavender
    • MaKenna Orange
    • Edana Red
    • Spicy Cheryl Orange