Gardening Tips & Tricks

7 Easy Tabletop Houseplants

Success with houseplants starts with choosing the right plant for you. Often, that means starting with something small and easy (think smaller investment of money and time). We’ve narrowed down a list of our favorite houseplants that will help you turn your thumb from brown to green.

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A Guide to Common Herbs

15 Most Popular Herbs A Guide to Common Herbs (.pdf) Who doesn’t love the aroma of fresh herbs, whether it be for culinary […]

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Container Garden Trends

Creating a container garden is a great way to get your creative juices flowing in the garden.  Think of adding a uniquely […]

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Clamoring for Clematis

A Perennial Flowering Vine Want a beautiful, flowering vine for a sunny spot in your yard or garden? Want it to return […]

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Favorite Foundation Plants

Every great-looking yard starts with a solid foundation of quality trees and shrubs.  Foundation plants (planted around the front of your home) […]

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