Tropical and Perennial Hibiscus

Hibiscus, the king or queen of any tropical garden! Their bursts of bright colors and glossy green leaves will make you want a few in your own garden. The tropical Hibiscus (annual, pictured right, yellow) comes in a wide variety of colors from mixes of bright oranges and yellows to whites and reds. Perennial Hibiscus comes in white, pinks and reds. Both prefer a moist, nutrient-rich soil and lots of heat and full sun. Tropical hibiscus is fine with being planted in containers but perennial hibiscus should be planted in the ground and given plenty of space to grow. Attractive to butterflies & hummingbirds, these long blooming natives are great for wet locations and waterside but tolerate dry spells.

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  • 30” – 36” Tall
  • Full Sun
  • Prefer a moist, nutrient-rich soil
  • Prune early in the season to maintain size.